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Shown above with
French Tip Nails and Silicone Nipples






Sexy Asian Mannequin

MannequinStore.com Exclusive

Mannequin Details

  • Well-Endowed

  • Breasts Lifted as if in Bra

  • Rounded Buttocks

  • Hand Painted Make-Up

  • Heavy Fiberglass Construction

  • Base, calf and Foot rods Included Free

5' 9" Tall - 44 lbs.
 36 - 25 - 33
"D" Cup Breasts
Shoulders 15" wide
Inseam 32 1/2"


List $400.00
Out of Stock

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 sexy mannequins manikins asianasian mannequinsfemale manikinasian mannequin sexy



Let this beautiful Asian mannequin show off your finest lingerie, swimwear or evening gown. Her curves and cleavage will make the most of any outfit!

Our sultry Narrow Bridge™ Female Mannequins are built to display lingerie, swimwear, hosiery and sexy high-heeled shoes. 

These voluptuous female mannequins feature 7 detachable parts for easy undressing.

All sexy mannequin styles feature detailed sculpting and feminine hands.


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