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Cameo White Male Mannequin 
White Male Mannequin
flexible mannequin male - bendable
Bendable Male Mannequin
seated male mannequin image picture
Sitting Posable Male Mannequin
Sold Out

flexible male mannequin
Flexible Male Mannequin
asian male display mannequin
Asian Male Mannequin
short mannequin male
Short Abstract
Male Mannequin


sitting male mannequin
Sitting Male Mannequin
headless male mannequin
Headless Male Mannequin
sitting male mannequin photo
Sitting Male Mannequin

muscular male mannequin abstract
White Featureless Mannequin Male
muscular male mannequin
Muscular Male Mannequin

Joseph Male Mannequin
Cameo Male Mannequin
Out of Stock

black male mannequin
Black Male Mannequin
male jointed mannequins
Pose Male Mannequin
3/4 male mannequin torso form manikin alternative
3/4 Male Torso Form

couple mannequins
Classy, Unique Display Mannequin
Romance Male
male mannequin sport gym display muscles
Male Mannequin

male mannequins on sale
Realistic Male Mannequin

About Male Mannequins

When you buy a male mannequin, you are investing in a sales tool; in advertising. Mannequins are the single most effective display for apparel. Whether you sell swimwear or tuxedos, business attire or shorts and tees, a mannequin
is the best way to show off your clothing.

Sitting male mannequins are great to pose on a motorcycle, in an airplane cockpit or even in a car. With jointed elbows, they can be posed to look as if they are driving. A standing male mannequin is a great addition to a mannequin grouping - maybe even more effective in a group of females, where he will really stand out. Mannequins with realistic faces can have molded hair, wear wigs, or both. Or for a more modern look, we offer headless male mannequins, as well as cameo (all white.) Some merchandisers feel that a male mannequin with features is a better fit for their brand; others prefer to use featureless and egghead mannequins.

Another style that has grown in popularity is the fully posable male mannequin, again available with a realistic head,
or featureless. With legs and arms that bend and a head that turns, these mannequins are perfect for athletic poses, or for particular gestures (these are often used by museums and by courtrooms and medical examiners, as they can be made to resemble real people not common in fiberglass mannequin poses.) And in response to a demand for shorter male mannequins, mainly for historical military uniform displays, we are creating a smaller mannequin male to better fit the smaller stature soldier.

Whatever your display needs, we offer a broad range of male mannequins to fit them. Just click on a male mannequin photo above for full information.

Our fiberglass reinforced plastic mannequins (all except the flexible/bendable models, or those otherwise described) break down into seven pieces; head and torso, arms, hands, right leg, and leg/hip combination. This allows for easier clothing changes, as well as for moving and storage.

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