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If you display maternity clothes, you've got to have a pregnant to show them on! Pregnancy is a precious short period in women's lives, so you have only a short window to attract their attention and sell your apparel. By creating a realistic display, our maternity mannequins offer your customers the ability to imagine your clothing on themselves. If you don't have the budget to purchase pregnancy mannequins, consider ourfake pregnant belly pillow.

Be sure to add a wig to your order.

Megan Pregnant Mannequin

    • Eight Months Pregnant

    • Detailed Sculpture

    • Hand Painted Makeup, Areolas and Nipples

    • Elegant Hands and Fingers

    • Calf and Foot Rods


    • Height: 72"

    • Chest: 36.5"

    • Waist: 34"

    • Hips: 38"

    • Inseam: 33"

    • Shoulders: 18"

    • Cup Size C

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